Types Surplus

Manufacturing defects

Products that have problems in packaging and labeling errors and illegible date, among others, mainly due to packing errors.

Term promotional campaigns

Products being used in a particular advertising campaign, which concluded and is in good condition.


products that are consumed almost exclusively in a period of the year become obsolete after a certain date although the product is suitable, such as Easter eggs and Easter bread, among others.

Outside standard

perfectly edible products but which do not respect any quality parameter of the industry. For example, low weight products, fruit products with severe russet, differences in taste, color and / or flavor to the standard, etc.


The product packaging has changed, and marketing strategy, it has been withdrawn from sale.

Change of activity or company product

Products that have not had good arrival in the traditional market.



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The NGO Food Bank Chile has a network of 15 volunteers and a warehouse to collect food donations for unmarketable received subsequent selection and distribution to charities that care for poor people.

Our mission

Mission Food Bank Chile, is to collect surplus food production and redistribute it freely to other organizations dealing with assistance and help people in poverty and education in the use of such resources.