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After signing a contract food donation between a company and BAC, the donor company reports its surplus capacity periodically or when surplus arising in stock that can not be marketed may be removed by volunteers from Food Bank Chile properly identified.
Volunteers carry food to our warehouse located in the district of Recoleta where it is selected and entered the information system of internal registers.

After this process, the food is intended for (s) institution (s) chosen charity (s) according to a study by a team led by a social worker team who are responsible for detecting needs and indicate to whom (s) deliver the food.

The contract signed supports the grant agreement provided that food will not be resold. Where the agreement of both parties to be explicit:
– Deliver and distribute food unfit for human consumption.
– That the donated and distributed products remained in storage hygienic conditions and according to the nature of them.
– That the donor company is committed to delivering products with effective date or fit for consumption and to distribute the Bank quickly within the effective date.
– The Food Bank agrees to deliver a monthly report with the movements of your company’s products.



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  1. BancoAlimentos says:

    Hola Arturo,
    gracias por tu mensaje y perdona la demora en responder.
    Tienes un telefono donde pueda ubicarte y tal vez nos cuentes más de la institución?
    Muchas gracias,
    Ornella/Banco de Alimentos Chile

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The NGO Food Bank Chile has a network of 15 volunteers and a warehouse to collect food donations for unmarketable received subsequent selection and distribution to charities that care for poor people.

Our mission

Mission Food Bank Chile, is to collect surplus food production and redistribute it freely to other organizations dealing with assistance and help people in poverty and education in the use of such resources.